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Hi there! My name is Paula Lucas - I'm an Art Lead making games by day, but over the last few years I have been starting to make zines by night! Making zines is something that I've really found a passion doing and have really enjoying starting to get to know more zine folk in Scotland, since I moved from New Zealand five years ago. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and I really have enjoyed jumping in and chatting with folk! 

I visited the GZF fair last year and really loved the atmosphere there! I would be really honoured to be a part of it this year, if it feels like I would be a good fit. Below is an assortment of previous zines I have made and what I would like to bring to GZF if I'm accepted. I'm massively in to my Riso printing at the moment and have been really enjoying making it a part of my process and would love to get another zine finished for the fair!

Thanks for taking the time to read my application!

Previous Works

Previous Works

"Fetch Quests" is my newest Riso-printed zine, which is also a game/ logic puzzle.

Using the map that each zine
has, you work out which dog
wants which item - follow them
in order and you get the location of the King Bone that you have been sent to fetch!



"Home" an excerpt from a deeply personal mini-comic I made to help work through the loss of my grandfather whilst being separated from my family.


"Cool Birds Of NZ" RISO printed zine - funny facts, comments and illustrations about NZ's weird ass birds


"Cool Animals Of Scotland" another RISO printed and hand assembled zine made as a sister piece to the Birds of NZ zine!


"The Daily Routine" zine


"Miniatures" zine

New Works

An couple of examples of how I've set up my half table in the past! 

Thanks again for your time and consideration! :) 

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