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My name is Paula Lucas - I'm a games artist by trade, but love making bright and colourful personal work - more recently really falling in love with RISO printing.

I was fortunate enough to table at Thought Bubble last year and I had an absolutely brilliant time. It helped me gain more confidence in making and sharing personal work, and provided such an amazing opportunity; both to create more works and also to connect with other creators and attendees.

I would be honoured to have the opportunity to table again, and I would love to bring some more story driven comics this time around. Below is an assortment of previous works and what I would like to bring again, and underneath that is the new stuff I have, that are Works In Progress that I would like to finish for the event. :)

Thanks for your time and energy reading my application!

Previous Works

Previous Works

"Cool Birds Of NZ" RISO printed zine


"The Daily Routine" zine


"Miniatures" zine


"Arowana" and "King Heron" Giclée Prints


"Cool Animals Of Scotland" another RISO printed and hand assembled zine made as a sister piece to the Birds of NZ zine.


An assortment of "Pet Pals", handmade sculptures made from Polymer clay, which proved to be pretty popular - some designs I had included Capybara, Puffin, Blue Jay, Red Jay, Fantail, Penguin.


My stall set up from 2021

New Works

New Works For The Convention (Current WIP's)


These are all incredibly rough, and very early works, but I wanted to share some early WIP's of comics I'm working on currently that I would love to get done for the convention (if I'm fortunate enough to be chosen again!). 


A short form comic about Home and not being able to return there. Based on my experiences being unable to return to New Zealand due to Covid regulations, dealing with loss and trying to balance a new way of thinking about what home and family meanas and how to get through the tough times.

Currently I'm thinking about a 2 colour RISO print version (though not the colours currently used). 


"Gull" (working title)
A short 8-12 page comic about a seagull who has just left the nest as the first Lockdown has hit, their world now suddenly devoid of Greggs and Bakeries - learning how to adapt and live without the most holy steak bake. 

Based on me spending way too long watching seagulls that lived by my house during lockdown, wondering how weird it all must have been for them.

Last Adventure A5 Setup.jpg

"One Last Adventure" a short form story about a young woman coming to terms with loss over a complicated relationship, being unable to resolve outstanding issues before they passed, she goes on one last adventure that they never got the chance to take together. 

Thanks again for your time and consideration!! :)

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