Hey Thought Bubble patrons! I'm very excited to be a part of the online event this year. This is my first year participating and the first time launching an online store, so I appreciate your patience and I'm excited to see you here :)

My Twitter DM's are open, so come say hi!! I love hearing from people and connecting in this weird digital world we're currently living in! 

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All stock is brand new for the event! 

"Cool Birds Of NZ" is a set of Riso Printed Mini-Prints that I've made in a set of 8 A6 pages, which are double sided with illustrations (16 prints in total) for all your native NZ birdy goodness - also contain some neat pro's/cons and the original Maori names for the birds too! 


"The Daily Routine" was begun in 2019 whilst I was travelling around Europe in a converted van (freshly finished and printed a month ago) and captured my routine at the time, having a lot more time on my hands than I was used to! Originally painted in gouache, I digitised my zine so I could share them! 12-page zine in Full Colour with Soft Touch Laminated cover.


"Miniatures" is a zine was started at a similar time as The Daily Routine, and finished in lockdown, to share my Biro pen illustrations of small plants and flowers I came across over this period, that are often easily overlooked. Original drawings in biro, printed as 12 Page full colour Zine with Soft Touch Laminate cover. A6 Size.


"Arowana" and "King Heron" Prints - I made a small run of these high quality Giclée prints (310gsm) of these two illustrations that I'm super fond of! The Arowana print is 8"square and Heron King is A4!


THANKS IF YOU GOT THIS FAR :) Enjoy the convention!! 

Also my table buddy this year is the wonderful Matthew Beakes - who has some absolutely wicked stuff - be sure to check out his page here!

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